Bespoke Glass

Now any image can be printed directly onto glass giving the client a vast opportunity to customise their home to any mode of fashion they desire.

The following are but a sample of the many uses of this product:

How does it work?

The image required is digitally sent by the client to our design team who then process the image.

The image is then printed on the glass using ceramic ink which is then fired into the glass during the toughening process.

Digital printing can be offered within the following parameters, up to19mm thick with a minimum size of 300 x 250 and a maximum size of 2800 x 3700. These images can be tilled to create very large images.

Multi colour printing

Digital printing means that several colours can be incorporated into one print. Full opacity control. Digital printing provides the ability to have variety ink thickness / coverage on the same peace of glass.

For more information on the facility we offer please call us and design your needs in greater depth.

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